Books by Diane Frank

While Listening to the Enigma Variations

Turtle Island

What if the world
            was created by a giant turtle
                        swimming across the sky
                                    at the beginning of time?

What if the turtle
            carried dreams in her belly,
                        giving birth to fish and stars?

What if the high flying tern
            marked the world lines of space and time
                        with nets of aurora borealis?

What if the donkey said
            the humans are a joke, spinning through space
                        juggling fire and ice?

What if the crab said
            crawl sideways if you want to uncover
                        the dreams that are painted inside of shells?

What if the moon said
            the night will tell you secrets
                        if you listen to the music inside of stones?

What if the shark said
            you will discover fish that glow like lanterns
                        in deeper currents of ocean water.

What if the octopus said
            your dreams are tentacles
                        into a future filled with fish and golden apples.

What if the turtle
            keeps swimming out of the sky
                        to a universe hidden somewhere else?

What if the buffalos 
            stampede with their ancestors across the Great Plains
                        under an ocean of sky?

Buffalo Woman says
            the world is a dream or nightmare.
                        Weave your visions with tender hands.

— Diane Frank