Poetry and Memoir Workshops

To schedule poetry, memoir and creative non-fiction workshops in your area, email Diane Frank at GeishaPoet@aol.com.

Blue Light Press Online Poetry Workshop

Eight-week sessions, 3 times per year: fall, winter, spring

"Diane's teaching is intuitive, and like the best dance partner, leads from the heart."

-Sandie Kopff

This workshop provides a safe and supportive environment to grow as a writer. I offer it to all writers who want to transform the most significant moments of their lives into deep imagistic language of poetry. The workshop is open to writers of all levels – from raw beginners to seasoned poets who need a jumpstart for their inspiration. Each week you will receive an inspiring seed idea designed to trigger the creation of a poem, share ideas about the process of writing poetry, workshop one of your poems, and hear some of the most visionary, uplifting, and emotionally honest poems available in the English language. My goal is to give you a deeper understanding of poetry, a deeper love of language, and a stronger mastery of the techniques which make a modern poem work. Many of my students have won awards for their writing, and most of my students have poems published in journals, anthologies and books of their own. For more information, please see www.BlueLightPress.com.


Language of the Soul, at SF State:

A Workshop for Poets, Fiction and Memoir Writers
Six-week Session, Wednesdays, 3 - 5 p.m., Sept. 16 - Oct. 21, 2009

"Diane's classes invevitably unleash a torrent of significant creativity."

- Paul Stokstad

San Francisco State University
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
College of Extended Learning
835 Market Street, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

This workshop will help you access your inner wisdom and express it in your writing. It is open to poets, fiction and memoir writers with wisdom to share. You will be given techniques to access your inner wisdom, vision and intuition, and express it with power and beauty. Each session includes a provocative writing exercise, the “Writer’s Toolbox” with techniques from poetry and fiction to help your writing become more expressive, and a reading/feedback circle. Diane's teaching style is joyful, loving, and intuitive. She works with every writer to help you break through to a deeper level of expression and shares the intuitive writing process she used to create Blackberries in the Dream House, which was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

To enroll, call Debra Varner, Director (415) 817-4243 or E-mail: dvarner@sfsu.edu


San Francisco Memoir Workshop

Meets Tuesday nights, 7:45 to 10:00 p.m.

Memoir Writing is conversation with your soul. It's a beautiful way to honor your life and your inner wisdom. This workshop provides a safe and supportive environment to grow as a writer. I offer it as a gift to all writers who want to transform the most significant moments of their lives into language. This workshop gives you a sacred creative place to express your life experience, fantasies, visions, desires and your dreams. For information, send an E-mail to GeishaPoet@aol.com.


Fairfield, Iowa Poetry Workshop

"Diane's teaching comes from the heart. She's innovative, whimsical and visionary."

-Larry Gilius

Monday Night Poets - 7:45 p.m. to 10 p.m. whenever I am in Iowa.

We have openings for new writers at this time. Many of the poets in this workshop have won awards for their writing, and most have poems published in journals, anthologies and books of their own. Call 641-472-7882 for information, or send an E-mail to BlueLightPress@aol.com.


Blue Light Press Summer Writing Workshop!

San Francisco, an extended weekend, typically in mid-July

If you've ever thought about meeting poets from the On-Line Workshop in person, while enjoying four days in San Francisco, you are warmly and joyfully invited to attend the Blue Light Press Summer Poetry Workshop! The workshop combines a writing retreat with cultural events including a hike in Muir Woods, a San Francisco Symphony concert in the park, ethnic dining adventures, and poetry readings. The workshop meets in my home, three blocks from the edge of the continent and close to Golden Gate Park, with expansive ocean views and beautiful sunsets.

This four day workshop starts Friday evening and continues through Monday night. We begin with a meet and greet on Friday night, followed by a Poetry Cello Harp performance and then an open mic so we can all hear each other read. Those of you who are published are welcome to bring your books for the Fireplace Bookstore.

Saturday includes workshops, poetics, a generous sharing of ideas about poetry, the seed idea for the weekend, a writing session, a culinary adventures at a local eateries, and a contra dance or cultural event in the evening. Sunday opens with free time for writing and walking at the beach. We gather at 10:30 for either a workshop or a free write. Then we take the streetcar to a local park for a picnic and a free concert of the San Francisco Symphony. After dinner, we gather in the evening for a workshop. Monday includes a hike in Muir Woods (beautiful redwood forest across the Golden Gate Bridge) along with poetry events. All days will have workshops, poetics, a writing session, and culinary outings.

The cost of the Summer Workshop is $300. Enrollment is limited and the workshop fills quickly. For more information and to reserve your place, please see www.BlueLightPress.com.