Books by Diane Frank

Canon for Bears and Ponderosa Pines

Dreams of the Ecliptic

To change a girl into a kite,
          tell her that love is the moon.

To teach a tree to sing,
          put a harp under its branches.

To change a bowl of dust into a planet,
          paint watercolor rings around the ecliptic.

To change the sky into a dream,
          put a song into a hammock.

To melt an ice cube,
          light a fire under the map of the constellations.

To write a symphony in a major key,
          plant a rainbow under an apple tree.

To create a universe,
          ride on a meteor shower
                    as the archer shoots a path of light
                              across the sky.

When the sun rises for the first time,
          fill the sky with your singing.

— Diane Frank