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The All Night Yemenite Café - book cover

Isis: Poems by Diane Frank

About the Book

Diane Frank's third book of poems.

The poems in The All Night Yemenite Café range from Iowa to San Francisco and late night Tel Aviv. Inspired by a journey to Israel two months after the Persian Gulf war, this book is an artistic journey of emotional risks and a powerful coming to terms. These are poems that push the edge with language alchemy, emotional intensity and visual beauty. (order info.)

Reviews and Endorsements

In Diane Frank's poems, the beautifully sensual language is like the dense fur on a winter animal. Something powerful moves and shifts beneath the surface. On this inner level Diane controls more than language. Her dimensions are so primal that the rhythm and textures of her voice could swell the moon.

— Corinne Erly

What stays with me is the that the poet depends on touch rather than vision to 'see' the real world. The narrators use their fingers and fingertips to make sure of reality; often the eyes are used to look beyond reality.

— Lauren Liebling