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The All Night Yemenite Café - book cover

Isis: Poems by Diane Frank

About the Book

Isis is Diane Frank's first collection of poems and contains the best of her early work. The poems take their own imaginative pathways and never go quite where you expect them to. "Disintegration — Early Morning" won the Whiffen Poetry Prize. (order info.)

Reviews and Endorsements

Diane Frank's first book introduces us to a sensibility pleasingly askew. Her poems, like most positive experiences, never quiet go where we expect them to; they follow their own imaginative paths and persuade us, often with humor and a surreal charm, that the journey will be rewarding. It is.

— Stephen Dunn

These poems are nearly oriental in a sense of orienting towards the hidden. There is a delicacy here, a spinning, a weaving, a branching out. One door opens so another can close. At the center of her poems is that tender dark space we occasionally fly out across, as humans, with no thought of beaks or wings.

— Lauren Liebling

Diane Frank's ISIS is a marriage of two quite different impulses. For one thing, there are poems of spiritual excursion. But alongside these are poems of a wry, even riotous insight into the spectacle of the everyday life we live. In the tension between these two impulses, Diane Frank writes a poetry which is positively radiant with grace, charm and truth.

— Joseph Di Prisco