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Canon for Bears and Ponderosa Pines

Letters From a Sacred Mountain Place

Letters from a Sacred Mountain Place:
A Journey through the Nepal Himalayas with letters, poems, and 55 color photographs. (order info.)

Praise for Letters from a Sacred Mountain Place

“Letters from a Sacred Mountain Place captures the wide-eyed wonder of Diane Frank’s travels through Nepal, prior to the 1990 Democracy Revolution and the decades of upheaval that followed. She has composed a poetic homage to a place and culture that forever changed all who experienced it — and that still awakens newcomers to their inner journey."  

— Jeff Greenwald, author of Shopping for Buddhas

"Diane Frank’s Letters from a Sacred Mountain Place evokes the citadels of silence that define the essence of the Himalayas. The strength of the book rests in her ecstatic recollection of the minute details of the mountain world and her humble encounters with the beautiful people of high Himalayas. The glory of idyllic life enjoyed during her trek in the late 1980's has become a thing of the past, thanks to the merciless encroachment of the Western world and homegrown greed of senseless politicians in Nepal."

— Yuyutsu Sharma, Himalayan Poet
Author of Annapurna Poems and Nepal-Trilogy

"Letters from a Sacred Mountain Place takes you into the Himalayas, spiritually as well as physically.  The author’s descriptions of daily activities evoke the art of love – for joy is conveyed in every moment.  Even her descriptions of stones are deeply feminine.  Welcome to Nepal – for love awaits in the mystery."

— George James, author of Copperhead: Tantric Lessons on Love

"The photographs in Letters from a Sacred Mountain Place take us on an extraordinary visual venture through the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. With compositional eloquence, these pictures document a spiritual journey that fuses the majesty and mystical essence of place with the humanity of an extraordinary people living in a remarkable environment."

— Diana Scott, Professor of Art History, Author of Approaches to Art History

“Best book I've read this year! Eloquently written – you feel you are trekking 400 miles through the Himalayas.”
- Barbara Rushmore and Peter Macara


“This is a beautiful, uplifting book! I've always wanted to travel to Nepal and Diane Frank took me there – in the most poetic and beautiful way! Her photographs are stunning and she creates a mood of meditation and wonder, as we go with her on a journey to a land that no longer exists in quite the same way. This book has "pride of place" on my coffee table and I am telling all of my friends about it.”
- World Traveler (Amazon Review)


“Late into two nights I read Diane Frank's extraordinary Letters from a Sacred Mountain Place. I had been expecting a pictorial travelogue but was drawn instead into a spiritual journey. Although most definitely grounded in the details of her hikes through the Himalayas, the treks were the mystical wanderings of a young woman seeking her true self more than the thrill of a daring adventure. I'm grateful that she took this reader along with her on this mountain path to wisdom.”
- Amazon Review


“I bought this book, and I LOVE it... Ms Frank's prose is beautiful, creating vivid images in one's mind. The pictures and stories allow us to travel through Nepal with her... in a simple real way, yet with word images that allow the reader a deeper sense of the real journey. As usual, her writing style shines through and moves your soul into her other worlds. I couldn't put it down... although I did, as I wanted to savor instead of gobble the stories!”
- Jill Brindel, Cellist, San Francisco Symphony