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Yoga of the Impossible

“In Yoga of the Impossible, a series of journeys of the mind, the heart, and the whole spirit dance, punctuated by the most amazing imagery. At some place in this picaresque work, the reader will stand up and cheer. I guarantee it.”
—Mary Norbert Korte, author of The Persephone Poems

"One of life’s greatest teaching tools is paradox, as people have to deal with paradoxes every day in order to grow. Diane Frank’s Yoga of the Impossible weaves the paradoxical teachings of union to show how to find the gold buried within. Diane is a master tantric weaver in the way she slips a man into a woman’s mind to feel the power of relationships from a woman’s experience. Her rich, sensuous imagery enlivens me to my core."
—George James, Author of Copperhead: Tantric Lessons on Love

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Blackberries in the Dream House

"What would happen to us if we were to undertake the discipline of turning our life entirely and self-consciously, into a poem? Through Yukiko, who becomes both a contemplative Buddhist and a geisha skilled in the refinements of sensuous pleasure, Diane Frank allows us to live within the soul of a young woman who has undertaken to create a life imagined and expressed as a poem, in every moment, waking and sleeping, making love or meditating. With its power of language, Blackberries in the Dream House will seduce many readers into considering whether a prosaic life is the only choice we have."

—Pierre DeLattre

Pierre DeLattre is author of Walking on Air and
Tales of a Dalai Lama

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Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize

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Diane Frank

Featured Poem

Iowa Omen

Three hawks fly south
   as your voice trembles
      across the great plains.

Fields of sleeping cows
   a gentleness in the land.

Here is the omen:
   Sky splashed with aurora,
      blue stars, curtains of light.

The letters are gold
   on red silk –
      Japanese calligraphy.

If I had the right kind of ink
   I’d write them
      on your skin.

— Diane Frank

published in Swan Light